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News: Sterling Insurance Group WINS Make More Happen Award

By September 4, 2019September 6th, 2019News

By winning the Safeco Annual Make More Happen Award, Sterling Insurance Group is able to gift local nonprofit of our choice – Vets Returning Home – a check for $10,000!

Winning for those who served

Thank you to everyone who rallied on Sterling Insurance Group’s social media platforms to bring in “votes” for Vets Returning Home. We won the organization $10,000 through Safeco Insurance! We couldn’t be more excited to win the Make More Happen Challenge and bring this victory home to our veterans.

Using the power of social media, Sterling fans and friends were able to garner enough engagement on this post to secure the full $10,000 donation to Vets Returning Home within a week. We were happy to do this quickly.

For the Vets

“The roots of this cause run deep in our office and culture,” said agency principal Joe Haney. “Many of our employees have children who are veterans or are currently serving in the military, so Vets Returning Home has a significant impact on both the Sterling family and the greater community.”
One veteran who overcame several of those issues is the son of an employee at Sterling Insurance Group in Sterling Heights, Michigan—and he did it with the support of Vets Returning Home, a nonprofit in nearby Roseville dedicated to helping veterans transition into stable lives.
The employee credits Vets Returning Home with saving her son’s life, a success story that inspired the agency to get involved with the organization.

Presenting the check

On Thursday, September 5th, members of Sterling Insurance Group and Safeco Insurance presented the check to Vets Returning Home. Check out photos now!



About VRH

Sandy Bower founded the organization in 2013, with her own experience serving as an inspiration. “I was homeless myself at 14 and a single mother at 15, so I understood that I had to work harder than most to get ahead,” she said. “When I launched Vets Returning Home, the issue of homeless veterans was one of the biggest challenges in our county, and I thought my knowledge would be useful.”

Learn more about Vets Returning Home.


Way to go, team!