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News: Thank you for coming to Mapping Out Wellness!

By April 24, 2019July 24th, 2019News

“Remember, something is better than nothing.” -Paul Sherwood, Ulliance

April 23rd, 2019


Thank you to everyone who made it out to Mapping Out Wellness: Keeping employees healthy and the c-suite happy. Sterling Insurance Group was proud to host the informative event.

Wellness @ work

It’s estimated that 69 percent of employers with more than 50 employees offered a wellness program, and 75 percent of programs included incentives to encourage participation – according to And with so many free or low-cost wellness options available to companies today, why aren’t more companies on-board? As Brad Richards (Sterling Insurance Group Senior Benefits Analyst and yesterday’s discussion leader) said: “The first step is the hardest for some companies.” It’s all about jumping in head-first!

Main takeaways

  • Nearly all industries should consider wellness and EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) for their employees. There are plenty of industries where traumatic events could take place unexpectedly, and, as Paul Sherwood (Ulliance) said, “something is better than nothing” in terms of having programs in-place internally for employees to utilize.
  • Many wellness options are available if a company asks. Often times insurance carriers or financial service providers already have negotiated deals for their clients, and upon request, can provide a company with anything from an informative Lunch and Learn at work to discounts on fitness gadgets. The important thing to do is ask!
  • Having a champion of wellness initiatives at work is pivotal. Ideally, the person leading are not in HR, but work with HR and leadership to gain approval, provide employee feedback and help build interest and participation company-wide.
  • A healthy employee is more productive that an unhealthy employee.


Please enjoy the full video of the presentation below, as well as photos. Want more information on this topic? Contact today.

Thank you for joining us!



Full video:

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