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Blog: Cyber Threats and Cyber Insurance in Today’s Automated World

By April 15, 2018July 24th, 2019Blog

Episode 9: Cyber Threats & Cyber Insurance in Today’s Automated World

From Automation Alley


Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly is joined by Brandon Horrocks, senior vice president at Sterling Insurance Group, to discuss the role cyber threats play on our factory floors, and specifically, what companies can do to stay protected. Does your company have cyber insurance? As small and medium size manufacturers incorporate more automation into their operations, what are some first steps companies can take to protect their business in the event of a data breach?

Guest: Brandon Horrocks | Sterling Insurance Group

About the Podcast

Senior Vice President and Certified Risk Architect, Brandon Horrocks, participated in an Automation Alley’s podcast episode recorded on April 3rd, 2018. On April 11, Brandon led a Tech Takeover on behalf of Sterling Insurance at Automation Alley in Troy, Michigan. View photos from the event here. Guests enjoyed themselves as the experts covered:

  • Navigating the insurance claim process for a data breach
  • Working with the insurer to execute an incident response plan
  • Working with your commercial insurance carrier to mitigate risk
  • Selecting the best insurance policy for your business

Guests learned about the best practices available to companies looking to mitigate today’s unique threats in the cyber world and discover new and emerging coverage options they should consider for your business. The event was a discussion on the importance of cyber insurance in today’s automated world and how it can protect businesses in the event of a data breach. Read more here.


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