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Mail Delaying Your Insurance Bill or Payments?

Mail Delaying Your Insurance Bill or Payments?

While we are two months into 2021, we are still seeing delays with USPS. This, unfortunately, is causing paper bills or payments to be late. It has been reported that it may take up to 30 days before receiving items in the mail. We encourage all our clients to go to their carrier’s website and create an account. This will ensure that you will not be late in paying your bill or risk cancellation. Our carriers make it easy to set up an account and make payments online or by phone.

Read more reports of mail delays from Business Insider, CNN, and The Morning Call.

We value you as our clients and want to make sure you are receiving the best service. If you need help setting up your account with a carrier please let us know.

If have questions about your bill or payments, please reach out to us at 586-323-5700.