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March 2021 Personal Lines Newsletter

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As a valued customer of Sterling Insurance Group, we like to keep you informed on the latest in the insurance industry. In this month’s newsletter, which you can view below, check out tips on springing into action, home repair after a long winter and start saving with apps! We’re grateful for your business and your trust in our team.

Springing into Action

Spring is getting closer, and that means it’s time to get moving again.
It is easy to be sedentary during the colder months, but making your body move can have more than a few benefits.
Luckily, we’ve found some simple ways to ease back into fitness without getting hurt in the process.
  • Walk it out – If you’re getting back to being active, start with walking. A fifteen to thirty-minute walk gets the blood flowing and can begin the work of building your endurance.
  • YouTube learning  – You can learn just about anything on YouTube these days. Find a teacher for your preferred form of exercise and start with a beginner series.
  • Stretch for it – One of the most overlooked parts of getting fit again is stretching. Make sure you take the time to stretch to avoid injury.
  • Get simple  – If you hate working out, don’t make it complicated. Try something that is easy to accomplish and keep in mind. Most routines can be modified as you progress, so the challenge is always just right

Just a little effort can help elevate your mood and strengthen your body. Now, where’s that gym bag?

Home Repair After a Long Winter

Cold weather can be a drag for homeowners. Add snow, sleet, and ice to the equation, and even the handiest homeowner can get worn out.
Winter can be tough on houses, condos, and townhomes. But Spring is the perfect time to make some repairs. Chances are some of you have had winter damage to your home, or maybe you’ve just enough gradual wear that you need to replace or update something important.
As insurance agents, we’ve seen it all. But there are some things you can do to help get your house in shape, even if there wasn’t a single event that caused enough damage for a claim.
Here are a few tips to help repair wintery wear on your home:
  • Gutter up – Gutters can become weighed down by ice and snow. Check to make sure your gutters are in good shape periodically this season.
  • Roof goof – Hail can cause your roof to take a beating, but ice and snow can cause the most problems. Check for loose tiles, worn patches, and any holes that are ripe for repair.
  • Trouble below – Water that seeps into the “bones” of your house can cause cracks in the foundation or pipes when the temperature drops. Check for visible cracks or faucets that no longer work to stay atop this one.
  • Chipping away – Cold weather can cause paint to crack and chip, mortar to erode, and even driveway damage. Regular annual upkeep is a must to keep these small repairs from becoming a larger headache.

If any of the above arise after a single storm or night, call your agent! You might have a claim on your hands.

Start Saving with Apps

If you’re like many Americans right now, you might be thinking that saving money is harder than ever.
Finding ways to put some cash away can be challenging, but luckily there’s an app for that.
Here are some great tech solutions to help you put a little aside:
  • Qapital – This app lets you tailor your savings to your life and make saving a game in the process. You can even set up the app to auto-deposit a small amount into your savings when making certain purchases.
  • Acorns – Don’t want to think about savings at all? This app rounds up your purchases and saves the difference for you. You’ll slowly watch your account grow, just by spending normally.
  • Digit – Machine learning to the rescue! This app analyzes your financials and recommends savings that automatically start once you give permission. Each savings plan is tailored to your life and income.
  • Twine – They say two heads are better than one – and so are two incomes! Twine helps you and a special someone start a joint savings program. Isn’t that romantic?
Using one or more of these apps can help you get started on the road to savings. Before long, You’ll be happily watching your funds grow without making any significant changes to your life. Happy savings!